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Dr. Adam Palombo

Dr. Palombo is owner of Active Life and a second generation Chiropractor. He firmly believes in the powerful role that education plays in health care and the maintenance of good health. 

A healthy lifestyle balances eating right, staying active, striving to improve and maintain emotional health, and sustaining normal muscle and joint health. Genetics aside, a lapse in one of these three areas can negatively impact any others and predispose you to poor health.

I strongly believe that, as a doctor, I should play the role that my title implies: from the latin verb docere meaning, to teach. Patient education plays an integral role in the maintenance of health and wellness and I believe that this hasn't received enough attention over the years. That's why I strive to get you out of pain, identify the factors responsible for perpetuating your pain, and then give you the educational tools to promote your optimal movement, function, and health.

Most often, as a chiropractor, I see patients with musculoskeletal pain limiting them from exercising or participating in their hobbies. In an ideal world, all my patients would be looking to sustain or improve their physical functioning. Life, being as wonderful and as busy as it is, doesn't always allow for this situation, and so much of the care I deliver revolves around getting people out of pain and back to their normal, active selves.

Dr Palombo is trained in joint adjusting (both for the spine and extremities), manual soft tissue therapies (such as trigger point, myofascial release), and therapeutic/stabilization exercises, all of which he utilizes at various points throughout his care plans in order to best serve you as a patient. He is also certified in an instrument-assisted soft tissue technique called Graston Technique (

Dr. Palombo earned his undergraduate education at Skidmore College, where he studied exercise physiology and clinical nutrition. He earned his graduate degree as a Doctor of Chiropractic from Palmer College and a post-doctoral specialization in sports from the International Association of Sports Chiropractors. He has taught postgraduate continuing education for other doctors nationally and,  has been on post-graduate faculty at New York College of Chiropractic.

Dr. Palombo is a  strong proponent for local food and community volunteerism in addition to public health education. 


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